Restoration Services by B&B Auto Repair - Red and Blue Early Ford Broncos

B&B Auto offers full range of services

Restoration services include body panel rust repair, wiring, framework, suspension, drive train swaps, disc brake swaps, motor transplants and more. Here are just a few photo examples of the cars and trucks we have restored. We do everything from simple routine maintenance to frame-off repairs.

At B&B Auto Repair, we also offer full automotive maintenance and repair services.

B&B Automotive Restoration

Full auto restoration entails completely disassembling the vehicle and restoring every part and system. Restoring a classic vehicle requires a detailed understanding of the mechanical aspects, an eye for cosmetic details, and an appreciation for the history of the car. B&B Auto Repair team members are experts in their fields. They have a passion for classic vehicles and restoring them. Each project we accept matters to us, and we work closely with you to ensure your vision becomes reality.

B&B Body Repair

From aesthetic improvements, to repairing key issues like rust or dents, our comprehensive body restoration process covers every inch of your vehicle’s exterior.

B&B Automotive Paint Restoration

Classic cars should be eye-catching, and that all starts with a great paint job!

B&B Mechanical Restoration for Your Vehicle

Even the best made and maintained classic cars will need mechanical improvements after decades of use. In terms of repairs, our team is comfortable swapping out entire systems and installing a new engine if need be.

B&B Vehicle Interior Restoration

We’ll make sure your car looks as stunning on the inside as it does from across the street!

B&B Auto

At B&B Auto, our goal is to restore your vehicle  to its former glory. We offer both original restoration as well as restomod services, and we have extensive experience working on a diverse set of classic vehicles. Contact us to learn more or get started on your next project.

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